• Beginning of September: Season Begins
    • Regional Club League (RCL): Boys U10-U18, Girls U10-U14
    • State League (Select level of play): Boys U14-U19
    • Recreational: Boys and Girls U6-U19
  • Beginning-mid December:
    • Recreational Cup Semi-Finals/Finals
  • Mid-End of January:
    • Regional Club League begins Boys U10-U14 and Girls U15-U18
    • Select/Club (State League) begins: GU15-19
  • Mid February:
    • Founder's Cup Finals Boys and Girls U11-U19
  • End of February-Early March:
    • Challenge and Championship Cup Semi-Final/Final: Boys U15-18 (only)
  • Early-Mid March:
    • RCL ends Boys U10-14 and Girls U15-U18
  • End of March:
    • State League ends (Select level of play)
  • End of April-mid-May:
    • Challenge and Champion's Cup Semi-Finals and Finals Boys and Girls U10-U11
  • Early-Mid May:
    • Challenge and Champion's Cup Semi-Finals and Finals
    • Boys U12-U14 and Girls U12-18
  • May
    • Select Tryouts
Game Times
Game times/scheduling


1. Morning games may not start before 9 AM.
2. Afternoon games may not start after 5 PM.
3. Double header weekend: Saturday games start at or after 2 PM and Sunday games no later than noon start.
4. Traveling more than 2.5 hours game start between noon and 3 PM.

District III

1. Saturday games 9 AM or later.
2. Sunday games 10 AM or later.
3. No game may start after 4 PM
4. Start after 11 AM if travel greater than 2 hours.
Washington Youth Soccer Levels of Play (most competitive listed first)

State League Division 1 (State D1)

State League Division 2 (State D2)

District 3 Gold (D3 Gold) / North Puget Sound League (NPSL D1 & D2)

District 3 Silver (D3 Silver) / North Puget Sound League (NPSL D2 & D3)

District 3 Recreational (D3 Rec)

US Club Levels of Play (most competitive listed first)

North Puget Sound League (NPSL)