Spanish Coaching Clinic

Course Description

Coaching certification begins at the state level. The "E" Certification is an 18-hour course, which cover the elementary principles of coaching and prepare interested coaches for the 36-hour "D" license course. This course will be delivered in Spanish.

Aug 26-28

Tukwila Community Center
Fri: Classroom from 5-9pm
Sat & Sun: field from 9-6pm

Sept 9-11

Stocker Fields, Snohomish
Fri: Classroom from 5-9pm
Sat & Sun: field from 9-6pm




Pedro Millan

Coaches should contact Maria Zuniga to register on the following in:

Maria Zuniga | Spanish Translations/ Administrative Support | Washington Youth Soccer

253.944.1604 | Fax: 253-925-1830 | Toll Free: 1-877-424-4318 | 500 S. 336th Street Suite 100 Federal Way WA 98003


Welcome to Coaching Education 2011!

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*Please note: All course fees are non-refundable. If you are unable to attend a course, your fee is redeemable toward a future Washington Youth Soccer coaching education course within one calendar year*

The RISK MANAGEMENT form is REQUIRED FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS including: referees, administrators, coaches, assistant coaches or any volunteer who will be in contact with a minor. Go to club web sites for further information.

Tools and Resources

Soccer letter - Used to welcome players and their parents at the beginning of a season

Soccer roster & schedule - Your soccer season on one page

GRJSA Coach's Manual - A starting place particularly for new coaches

Coach Deck (Sept 08) - An e-magazine for coaches

Small-Sided Rules

Coach Application (annual)

Red Cards


Any person, other than a player, who receives a send off (red card) from a game, is required to attend the next Disciplinary Committee meeting to explain their actions. Failure to attend will be cause for the coach of record to be suspended and require a petition for reinstatement for his/her eligibility to participate in this team or any other teams functions. Adults are expected to set a positive, respectful example through their actions at soccer matches. The Discipline Committee seeks to understand the cause of the incident and support actions to prevent reoccurrence.

While player's attendance is optional, their comments and behavior can have an impact on the penalty decision. It is very important for a coach to bring their player to the Disciplinary Committee to show their respect for the game and to learn from the experience.


This Committee meets weekly, on Thursday evenings, to review written reports submitted by game officials for any misconduct at District III league games played the week preceding the meeting. They decide whether or not to uphold the card issued by the game official and they determine corrective penalties


District III Disciplinary Procedure