GRJSA Board Member Job Descriptions

The president shall preside at all meetings of this Association and shall be general manager of this Association. Subject to the approval by the members, the president shall appoint such committees as may be required for the proper operation of this Association.

The First Vice-President shall act in the absence of the President with the same power and authority as the President; shall be responsible for and the chairperson of the Discipline Committee; shall be responsible for Association policies and procedures documentation; and shall be responsible for Association communications (including web site) and newsletter publication.

The Second Vice-President shall be responsible for and the chairperson of the Rules of Competition committee; shall be responsible for all Association League scheduling; shall be responsible for field scheduling; shall be the Association’s liaison with the parks departments and school districts; and shall represent GRJSA at IAL and all other leagues where GRJSA teams are competing.

The Third Vice-President shall be responsible for coach and player training and development and shall be responsible for referee coordination and development. In this capacity the Third Vice-President shall be GRJSA's representative to the Washington State Youth Referee's Association.

The Secretary shall keep the records and shall record and publish the minutes of the meetings of this Association.

The Treasurer shall receive, disburse and account for all funds of this Association. The Treasurer shall prepare a provisional budget at least one month prior to the start of each season.

The Commissioner shall represent and vote in all accordance with the direction of this Association at all commission meetings of WSYSA, and District III of same Association.

The Registrar shall supervise and assist in all matters pertaining to the registration of players in accordance with registration rules per the WSYSA Administrative Handbook.


Other GRJSA Volunteer Positions

State Cup Coordinator

WSYSA is very good at thouroughly explaining what you will need to do. Duties include:

1. Attend weekly Monday night meeting and state cup draw.
2. Field any questions from coaches and other reps.
3. Inform all coaches of their responsibilities as outlined at the draw
4. Collect scores from all home and away games.
5. Input scores on Bonzai for all home games.
6. Attend as many home State cup games for District 3 as possible. 

Coaches are responsible for reporting game scores to the Coordinator by established deadlines. The Coordinator is not responsible for contacting coaches to request scores.